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A High-end, unique experience for all driving enthusiasts.

Professional Driving Simulation

Experience the feel and performance of an elite level race car in a simulator designed and used by professional motor sport drivers. You too can experience acceleration levels of up to 2G from the comfort and safety of our simulaters! We cater for both private and commercial customers and events and we look forward to providing you and your guests with a truly unique experience.
The atmosphere of a Grand Prix race!
A single-seat cockpit complimented by bucket seats, adjustable pedals and professional steering wheel with paddle gearshift.
An opportunity to test your abilities on some of the most exciting and demanding circuits available (F1 circuits, WRC, WTCC available)
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An unforgettable adventure

Competition, Thrills & Fun

Add a competition element to your event by creating a real challenge between your guests. Allow us to determine once and for all who is No.1
Create a user profile and develop your driver career by mastering courses in order to get behind the wheel of newer, more powerful cars and ever more challenging circuits
Your results will be displayed for everyone to see your ranking at the event. Rewards will be presented to the best drivers.
Your guests will receive push notifications that will assist them to improve their performance and to challenge new drivers (“break the ice”).
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Our simulators

Easy to install

Our simulators are designed and built using specialist aerospace technology, providing reliability, durability and realism. Mounted on 6 axis, the cockpit moves and rotates in all directions to accurately recreate the sensations of driving an F1, GT or rally car of your choice.
Optimal dimensions for easily turn your event (3m x 3m x 2.2m)
No special infrastructure required, simulators operate on a normal socket (6A / 220V)
No fuel, no speed limits and no risk (minimum size 1m50)!

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